Avengers 3 – Infinity War Speculation Spoiler

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A movie I loved and hated. It felt like three movies going at the same time with non-stop action. Everything was top notch as with all Avengers movies so far, but to see so many heros losing was a bit of a bunch in the gut. Thanos seems pretty indestructible even before getting all 6 stones. I wonder if they would have beat him if Mr. Lord, aka Starlord didn't go nuts over hearing how he killed Gamora.

Many are speculating on how the Avengers (what is left of them) and friends will make a comeback and maybe restore the universe as it once was. One thing we know is time travel is possible, but without the time stone, who will step up to the plate?

Will Tony Stark come up with some tech to turn back time or reconstitute the bodies that faded to ash? We know from Dr. Strange that he will sacrifice everything including Tony to save the time stone, but then gives it to Thanos to save Tony's life. Or was that just misdirection? Will Ant Man warp space time and save the day? Will Death get involved and put Thanos in his place?

In the post credits Nick Fury calls Captain Marvel which is probably the most likely of characters that will help set things right. In any case, I look forward to Captain Marvel in March and the conclusion of the Avengers in May. 2019 is gonna rock your socks off!

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